Psychological Counseling

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Skype Counseling

Skype Counseling is counseling session done through Skype. This type of online counseling allows anyone to find the counselor that he or she prefers regardless of the place of residence. Not only there is no need to leave the apartment or office, but the chances and the variety for finding the right counselor in another country are much wider. Skype is a free software platform that once installed it enables both parties to have a 1-to-1 communication. You hear and see each other live. All is needed is a webcam and a microphone. Both are usually already integrated in most computers. In concrete: We set a date and a time for the session. At the time set, we meet online on Skype and the session can begin. Would you like to try it out? Then set a free first session simply to see how it feels and then you can decide if it is something for you. 

Chat Counseling

Chatting in real time. Chat Counseling is although using the written word, like “talking”. Both parties are engaged in a dialogue at the same time. This works well for people who are better in putting thoughts and feelings down on paper. It is similar to email counseling, but has the advantage of an instant reply and ongoing conversation. The best way to imagine it, is to think of writing messages over WhatsApp, only that it is to a counselor in a secure, private and non-judgemental environment. A session usually lasts around 25 minutes, but can vary according to the demand and situation. If you want to try it out, simply write an email and we will set a free first chat counseling session.

Email Counseling

Email Counseling allows you to take the time you need to put down into words and summarize all the thoughts, feelings and concerns that you have. It is a form of counseling that is very private and slow and exactly for these reasons it has proven to be beneficial for some people who prefer the written to the spoken word. You can choose your own pace as well as your own space where you are by yourself, lay back, relax, write, add parts, read and re-read before you send your email. You are not bound to the 50 minutes of a session. Writing is a wonderful skill and by itself often therapeutic. If you want to try it out, simply write a first email and I will respond within two days. The first email exchange is for free. Take the time you need and write as much as you want.

Phone Counseling

Phone Counseling is done, yes, simply over a telephone. For some it can be more effective than in-person counseling. Staying comfortably in one’s own private space without needing to see each other can be a perfect medium for people who prefer the talking to the writing, but for what ever reason, don’t want or need to see or be seen by the other one. This can be done for example over WhatsApp or even over Skype, in both cases not using the camera. So the focus can be put entirely on the talking aspect. Would you like to try it out? Then set a free first session simply to see how it feels and then you can decide if it is something for you.


You will find yourself in an atmosphere of support, reliance, tolerance, open-mindedness, acceptance and creativity when working with me. Out of my  experience as a Social Worker i have learned that as every person is different, the methods used need to be adaptive, diverse and most of all holistic-including all parts of a person. My approach includes techniques form Social Work, Talking Therapy, Systemic Counsulting as well as Mindfulness Meditation, Autogenic Training and Progressive Muscle Relaxation. But most of all it is solution-oriented. Rather than solemnly digging in the past for problems and what went wrong and when, we look at the present and the resources for a more satisfying future. I help people with topics as anxiety, relationship problems, low self-esteem, depression, finding the inner call or voice as what you want to do in life.  Finding the counselor that is right for you is the most important thing. That is why I offer a free first consultation to get to know each other, on which base you can decide if it suits you.

Feel free to contact me, if you have general questions, doubts or simply want to have more information. You can write an email to